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Gilbert and Jitka
Jitka and Gilbert
We Found our treasure here

We came to Cape Breton as visitors 15 years ago, fell in love with the land and with the people, as you surely will too, and now it is home. Singing Pebbles has grown out of our love of nature, our desire for artistic expression and the satisfaction of welcoming people to share the peace and serenity of this little bit of Eden.

Gilbert Bordillon (1946-2008) came to Singing Pebbles from a lengthy and successful career in the hospitality industry as chef and international food and beverage consultant. He passed away suddenly in January of 2008. However, the energy and vision that he invested in the building of Singing Pebbles is still very much alive and continues in full vigor.

Jitka Zgola spent many years as an occupational therapist consulting in and writing about the care of persons with Alzheimer Disease, and is still invited to speak and present workshops throughout North America. Pottery is now a passion that she indulges, constantly experimenting and exploring new techniques to produce one-of-a-kind functional pieces.

Chance and Effie form the canine squad and are the greeting committee. They are likely to rush you with affection.

Timi, our feline secretary, loves to sit on laps.

The hens, under the care of their rooster, frivolously named, Turkey, produce the best eggs in the world. You can go into the coop and help yourself.

And the most recent additions, Lily Lamour, a retired standardbred mare and her buddy Gadget, an African Pygmy goat, keep the grass down.

Singing Pebbles

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